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Rule of law

The rule of law binds the state in all its actions to law and justice - do my homework . This limits state power and protects individual rights and freedoms.

The supreme goal is the realisation of freedom and justice - statistics homework help . The rule of law is realised in the Basic Law through:

the primacy of the constitution: - the constitution stands above all laws and binds legislation as well as all state organs,

the priority of fundamental rights: fundamental rights - are directly applicable law, - their essence may not be touched, - include the individual's right of resistance against unconstitutionally exercised state power,

legal certainty: - Predictability and - predictability of state measures, e.g. by prohibiting retroactive laws,

separation of powers and independent jurisdiction: - Mutual restraint and control of the various state organs, - Taming of state power, - protection of individual rights, - special importance of the Federal Constitutional Court,

principle of proportionality: - Protection of the citizen against permissible but unnecessary interventions of state power, - the state must use its means appropriately and - act on a legal basis - "reservation of the law",

Guarantee of legal recourse: - Right of every citizen to defend himself against acts of state violence - take my class - and to appeal to an independent court to clarify a matter - "judicial protection",

Equality of rights: - all laws apply equally to all, - no one may be privileged - however, only what is equal is to be treated equally.

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