YMGI 9000 BTU Solar DC Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Heap Pump

SKU: WMMS-09KS-V24(86)8

YMGI Symphony Solar DC Air Conditioner 86 Series


Model: WMMS-09KS-V24(86)8



The (86) Series All DC Mini Split Heat Pump lets you cool your home or office during the day for just pennies or even free. Designed to run completely off of solar power, it can be supplemented with grid power, when solar power can’t provide all of the energy needed to run the system. When powered by batteries, it can run up to 8 hours, to keep you cool in the evening. Attached to municipal power supply, the 22 SEER high efficiency system will save money while keeping you comfortable, even when the sun isn’t shining. With solar power, the (86) Series Solar system can produce a SEER rating of up to 38.



  • Designed for use where AC electrical power is not available.
  • Excess generated power charges batteries that are used during overcast weather, or at night
  • Reduce daytime energy costs for air conditioning or heating by up to 100%.
  • Connect Up to six panels can be connected to the system increasing efficiency
  • System can be installed for hybrid operation by using an AC to DC Converter and municipal power.
  • Expected to Work 8 hours at Night by with help from 12VDC Battery, after battery is fully charged during Daytime Operation
  • Refrigerant Pre-charged and ready for connection
  • Solar panel installations eligible for Federal tax credit and/or State and/or utility company’s rebate/incentive programs
  • Quiet and efficient heating & cooling
  • LED display shows set temperature & operating modes
  • Motorized louver system quietly distributes air evenly
  • “U-TOUCH” Remote Control
  • DC Inverter technology
  • Compact outdoor unit with side discharge
  • Outdoor unit ships pre-charged with Refrigerant.
  • High quality compressors
  • Built to meet ETL/UL/CSA/AHRI standards
  • Easy installation and maintenance


Installation Pipe

Connection Pipes (included at 15 ft)

Outer Diameter Liquid Pipe inches 1/4

Outer Diameter Gas Pipe inches 1/2



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